Friday, May 27, 2005

Economics Dimwits

I don't want to be mean; after all, that would be stooping to the level of The Right Honorable Thorn in the Side (see my post and comments here), but I've gotta be truthful. Liberals, lefties and Democrats (and some Republicans) just don't seem to get basic economics.

"Profit is bad." "Corporations are evil." "They're all in cahoots." That's all you hear. I was listening to the Ed Schultz show on Air America (not a very good source for economics debates, but a good place to study how the other side thinks), and a caller from a website that tracks gas prices was whining that they were actually decreasing. (Sounded like good news to me, but you just never know with these people.) He was also careful to point out that they're still 30% higher in California than they are in the midwest.

Well, *duh* ... of course they are higher on the West Coast. Has anyone taken a look at the regulations put upon gasoline producers, refiners and retailers out here? Jeesh. It's enough to wanna pull the whole kit and caboodle out and move it to Arizona.

Then Ed threw in the hackneyed harang (and I'm paraphrasing), "It's the greedy corporations. Their profits are higher than ever. The shareholders are getting rich on the dime of the poor working Joe's." (Ah yes, those evil rich shareholders. Of course, no one in the middle class has any stocks.)

He went on, "And it'll all probably be over at the end of Memorial Day weekend. They just want to fool everybody into thinking they're nice people. 'Research and development' my ass."

That's a paraphrase of one nincompoop's version of Economics 101. [Sigh.] Good grief. Our road is going to be long and hard, ladies and gentlemen.


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