Friday, June 17, 2005

The Exception that Proves the Rule

Several of my recent blogs have explained the reasoning behind my opinion that big government is deleterious not only to our health, but to the underpinnings of the natural laws of economics themselves; and furthermore, that any enthusiasts of Big Brother Gov have not done their homework. See most particularly these posts:

One of 'em


I also explained here and here that some central planning fan clubs even include people who claim to be economics scientists, but who, as I see it, are merely priests of a semi-socialist progressive religion. As one of my commentators once so aptly explained, economics is no different from any other social science - indeed from the academic and/or scientific community as a whole - in that it has become a morass of political special interest. (NB: I define "special interest" to be any one person or group of people who advocates political action from a self-centered short-sighted concern for their own ass as contrasted to the long-term future good of society as a whole.)

Partly to prove how fair-minded I am, and partly out of admiration, I will point out to you someone who is a true scientist in spite of being a confessed Democrat (and therefore by definition a progressive.) In my humble opinion, he has done the impossible, and a most unpartisan thing. He has paid attention to his research, even when it conflicted with his politics.

His name is William Lewis, and he is director emeritus of the McKinsey Global Institute. He has written a most interesting book, "The Power of Productivity: Wealth, Poverty and the Threat to Global Stability." Read a summary of his research here.

I am humbled by the honesty and courage of this man. I take my hat off to this leftist-with-a-difference, and wish there were more like him.

(That's not me; it's Carol Haney in Steam Heat, Pajama Game.)


Blogger Vache Folle said...

Thanks for pointing to this interview. I frequently here arguments that less developed countries are "anarchic" and that this impedes development, and this man's research shows this to be false. Less developed countries want LESS regulation and fewer impediments to economic activity.

1:42 PM  
Blogger Zed said...

I noticed you mention "Road to Serfdom" as one of your favorite books. Wasn't it one of Hayek's books (rather than von Mises)?

11:21 AM  

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