Friday, June 03, 2005

Once more, we learn that you can't beat the classics

Why is it that we are constantly having to face up to the fact that Daddy and Mommy Know Best, that History Repeats Itself, and that There Is Nothing New Under The Sun?

I just reread this piece by Von Mises at their website, and once again had to face the fact that we are all frothing at the mouth full of ideas we think are original, only to learn that, as usual, those wise old thinkers of the past have beaten us to it, this time by about 65 years.

Read Von Mises's wisdom if you want a perfect argument in support of the free market and against modern progressivism, otherwise known as Creepy Crawly Socialism.

Progressivism (whether it be Democrat or Republican, American or German or Japanese) is nothing but the enslavement of natural economic forces - and the people who embody them - for the selfish purposes of politicians. It is the violation of the common people by mealy mouthed Pide Pipers. It makes no difference whether Mr. or Ms. Piper is well-meaning or not, whether he/she is a criminal or an idealist; violence of innocence is always a crime. It's just a question of degree.

Read these wise old economists if you want to re-envigorate your enlightenment and courage to confront the illogical, emotion-driven and/or conniving priests of economic slavery.


Blogger Vache Folle said...

There is nothing more tyrannical than politicians and their backers who think they are doing you some good. They are particularly dangerous because of their appeal to the simpleminded, of which there are many.

I never heard of Ludwig von Mises or Murray Rothbard before stumbling on Lew Rockwell's site, and I have found their work refreshingly clear and a real help in arguing with my statist conspecifics for freedom, be they socialists or fascists. It is hard to argue with economic ignorami if I am also an ignoramus, and the articles by the Austrians have been a big help to me.

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