Saturday, July 30, 2005

The Lonely Economist in Africa

As to what to do about Africa, as I said earlier, it does not suffice to throw grains or money at them. (Please see my cartoon here.)

I have run into an African economist who has had the courage to state this very sentiment from within the "horse's mouth," so to speak, and it must not be a very comfortable place for him. A write-up of his opinion is here.

James Shikwati

The most important piece of data he cites is the 33% import tariff on sub-Saharan grain. Can you believe that some Africans must pay a 33% tax on grain imported from fellow African countries, when the tax on European grain is only 12%? Are we dreaming here?


The same people who are wailing about the world's insensitivity are taxing their own starving population to death!

See more about this brave gentleman at his website here and here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for helping to spread the good word about James Shikwati! Africa needs more like him. You can read more about him in this piece, especially via the links within:

-- Lawrence Reed, Michigan

5:27 AM  
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