Tuesday, December 27, 2005

French Economics

I have a personal reason or two to study how the French situation evolves. First, I've spent the last 37 years speaking the language at home. Second, I've spent the last 37 years wondering when the French economic model would explode.

It's not just that my predictions are gratifying me by coming true, although that may be a part of my fascination. Behind my smug "I told you so" is a sinking heart for France's political and social future. And don't forget, but for the grace of [fill in the blank] go we, right here in the US, in a decade or so, if we're not careful. Jobs are at least one of the major keys, IMHO.

Read the premonitions of the International Herald Tribune in an article here. Last I heard, this newspaper had its head office in Paris, so they may know what they're talking about. I suppose there's also the possibility that it's your usual MSM hype. Only patient, impartial, scientific time will tell. (Let me know if the article goes off line, and I'll reprint it.)

If you're interested in this subject, you may also be interested in my own articles here and here.


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