Sunday, December 18, 2005

What's Wrong with This Picture

If it weren't for the fellow in the middle, I might not have said anything, but to me Bono's rise in political influence is the epitome of Public Choice economics at work. PC says that the issues, policies and people that come to the forefront are those that will buy votes for politicians and the visible organizations that support them. Time Mag's choice confirms what we knew all along, i.e. they'll always come down on the side of PC (Political Correctness.) Unfortunately for Africa, Bono's Throw-Money-At-'Em PC ideas aren't either correct or efficacious. (See my commentary on the subject here.)

I wonder if they would have chosen Tookie Williams had his execution day been scheduled for a couple of weeks later -- nah, probably not; the Nobel committee took too much PC wind out of that sail.

I can't decide which is worse: That Bono doesn't realize he is being used as a pawn on this political power chessboard, or he does.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this isnt anything close to what i was looking for you shouldnt be aloud to put things on the web your a fraud!

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