Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Economics of the Alito "Trial"

The right says the hearings have "fizzled;" the left says, on the contrary, that "the quiet bombshells... have dropped." Can you stand this 'tis 'taint any longer? Economically speaking, the MSM is wasting our collective time. In fact, I'll go even further: The Senate is wasting our collective time.

A priori Number 1: Alito is qualified. A priori Number 2: We don't know how he would vote as a Supreme Court judge. End of story. The rest is just global warming gases.

Why don't they just publish the transcripts and let us figure out on our own whether the bombs have fizzled or dropped? Well, it's because we the public can't be bothered. We economize. We want someone else to "do all the work" and dictate the rationalization behind our party-line preconceived notions and premature conclusions.

[Kate Greenaway artwork from here.]


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