Thursday, February 02, 2006

Not So Fast, Mr. President

Alan Reynolds, writing at, does a nice job of blowing President Bush's non-sequiturs out of the water. As I listened to the Prez's speech, I found myself doing a -- "Now wait; what did he just say? I thought Republicans were supposed to be for smaller government!"

He sounds more and more like he's campaigning to the Democrats. Who does he take us for, a bunch of fools?

[Thanks to for the image.]

Here's an example. Reynolds points out that President Bush wants us to become more independent from Middle East oil by increasing research on ethanol and other useless products, even though first of all those products take "gobs of energy" to produce, and secondly, once produced and introduced into a gas tank, ethanol increases fuel consumption by 30%. "If alternative energy sources have any chance of being competitive, they will not need subsidies." Touché, Mr. Reynolds.

He goes on to point out that there is an ethanol lobby, a hybrid lobby and other special interest groups who have influence on politicians, and apparently even presidents.

Read this article. It's a delightful one. Especially if you too are No One's Fool, like Cato's Alan Reynolds.


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