Saturday, March 25, 2006

C'est La Guerre!

France is headed straight for a new revolution. On one side, you have the courageous efforts of Chirac's team [sic] towards a more open economy and most particularly, a more supple labor force. ["sic" because Chirac is about the most leftist "right-wing" national president in Europe, and his backbone in the following incidence is thus surprising.]

On the opposite side, you have the union gangs, their government-worker constituency, the socialists, and the nothing-to-lose youth who prefer the status quo.

Subject: The proposed CPE youth work contracts that would free employers from heavy existing labor contracts as concerns only the newly hired workforce.

D-Day: It's supposed to be March 28th, Tuesday, and Thursday the 30th, but it may happen even earlier. Tension is mounting on both sides.

Showdown: The unions are blackmailing the country with threats of general strikes if the government does not completely withdraw its new law proposal. Yesterday, the government invited the unions to the table. Their seats remained empty in front of the TV cameras, signifying their cocky refusal to negotiate without first a total withdrawal of the proposal.

Book about what the author has called France's "Syndicate Dictatorship."

As of Saturday, Chirac spoke from Brussels in full support of his Prime Minister's refusal to cower before syndicate hardball, stating that the government would not tolerate efforts to mandate legislative action via ultimatum. He decried union tactics as a direct affront to the whole republican democratic process and an insult to "la France." For once, I completely agree with him.

Sarkozy, France's up-and-coming Presidential candidate alongside De Villepin and actual Interior Minister, has spoken some hard defensive words against any planned violence in the days to come. (From what I've seen on French TV, the national police forces are nowhere near ready for this.)

Paris, Minsk, Milwaukee, Los Angeles -- what's going on this weekend? Global Swarming?


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