Monday, March 06, 2006

Economic Models

The climate skeptics are having a go at persuading the NAS that it needs to review its position on Global Warming. You can get a play-by-play of the recent hearings that took place, where Mann, et al., creators of the hockey stick theory, faced off against McIntyre and McKitrick, et al., representing the skeptics. Go to the blog.

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I particularly liked this comment:

"Incidentally the AGWers have another problem - Economic modelling is as problematical as GCM’s. Both are trying to model non-linear phenomena and half of the IPCC model is economic prediction. Unfortunately if one is economically a Keynesian then this criticism would be strenuously objected to. Maybe another House Committee should be set up to look at the economic modelling because aren’t these assumptions part of the drivers of the GCM’s?" Louis Hissink

The fellow has made at least five good points.


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