Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The New Face of France (And What a Beautiful Face it Is)

France has a new political party called the (classical) "Liberal Alternative," created by a group of energetic, very smart young people. It takes courage to form your own "parti politique" and enter into the fray of French politics.

I've been following this group. They stick out like a sore thumb, have had several successful street campaigns, got themselves on the news several times and have been invited to several talk shows. The root organization from which this party has sprung is called , and the person who stuck in my mind out of this fascinating group is Sabine Herold, a beautiful young lady who makes me think of "Liberte," the French symbol of freedom, a woman leading the troops into battle.

These don't appear to be LePenistes (the French extreme right wing.) I have yet to find fault with their positions.

I wish them luck. They probably don't have the whisper of a chance; but if they are who I believe they are and if I were French, I'd support them all the way.


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