Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Clintonian Economic Catastrophe

I'm just going to quote a few passages from Hillary's speech today in Chicago, and frankly, I don't think I'll even have to improvise my usual spin. She's whirling without me. Just read these:

"Asked if the government should step in should General Motors Corp. go bankrupt, Clinton said the government could help by relieving some of the costs auto companies bear for retiree health care in return for getting them to 'expedite a move toward energy efficient products.' " [...Oh no, a double whammy...]

"On health care, Clinton said a new plan in Massachusetts to require everyone to have health insurance 'gives us some hope,' though a market-based approach to pensions and health care is 'not sufficient... We've got to have a national conversation about health care,' Clinton said." [There she goes again.]

"White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan said Democrats want to allow the tax cuts enacted under Bush to expire. 'The real debate is on taxes,' said McClellan. 'Are we going to make tax cuts permanent and keep taxes low to keep our economy growing, or are we going to let Democrats have their way.' Clinton sidestepped whether she thinks the tax cuts should be rolled back. 'We have to look at the whole package,' including 'both the spending side and tax side,' she said." [Hillary? Reduce spending? Not increase taxes? Right.]

"She also called for a 'more robust' research and development agenda for U.S. companies and said companies should be encouraged to 'begin to take some of these profits and these productivity gains and put it into wages.' " [She's either going to give them money (i.e. increase government spending) or penalize them (increase government intervention.) What else is new?]

[Good grief. Lord help us.]

[Thanks to fightthebias.com for the image.]

Read the whole Bloomberg article.


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