Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ireland Is Still Hot

That tiny green country is quietly moving to the forefront of innovation and savvy. An Irish market research and data company has come out with an intriguing product offering called Bank and Country Risk Analysis.

Yahoo's version.

[Thanks to for the photo.]

This report is one of the first that addresses what we've known all along, that is to say that today's investors must attempt to understand not only companies and business, but international banking, government, politics, and fiscal and monetary policy -- and I'd throw in economic history just for good measure. (You'll note I didn't include economic theory, because if you delve into more than a historical view, you'll get stuck in the Economics Quagmire.) (See my 7/2/05 post.)

Ireland has made an astounding come-back over the last 20 years that should be carefully observed by all those nations who are headed in the opposite direction, i.e. towards higher taxes and more centralized government. Perhaps this report will bring to the forefront the fact that countries are now in competition with each other for the investment funds of the world and that governments and central banks must be very careful how they play with their own and other nations' currency.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ireland has been nuzzling at the tit of the European Union for more than 20 years, getting free money for infrastructure, communications et cetera via direct grant aid.

Kinda hard not to do well at this! We'll see if the Celtic Tiger is still roaring in ten more years after the poorer new entrants to the EU (ex-communist states) have pushed the Irish aside! Soon Ireland, as a richer country will be paying into the EU instead of getting grants out - watch this space, investors...

4:15 PM  

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