Friday, April 14, 2006

Is Dick Durbin Wise, Insane, or Just Another American Liberal?

Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) has got his finger up in the wind-fall. He is clamoring out for a 50% tax on oil profits using $40 a barrel as a basis for calculations. This is a perfect example of how economic instability creates havoc with civilization's progress towards freedom.

He says: "Oil companies are living in the fast lane and consumers are being left on the side of the road."

I say so what if they are living in the fast lane? They already were at $40 a barrel. Furthermore, without them there wouldn't even be any barrels.

Without profits, there's no research for alternative fuels. Without profits, there's no new refineries. Without profits, you, Senator, wouldn't be sitting in Washington, and you know it. Your campaign and the campaigns of all politicians depend upon the profits of productive people, and they depend even more on the profits of the very productive.

Senator Durbin and all of those in Congress who want to threaten the oil companies had better not bite the hand that feeds them -- unless, of course, all of this hot CO2 is just for the television and the media to convince the electorate of their respective good intentions.

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Read the UPI version of Durbin's actions here.


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