Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Which is Worse?

An article at Towhall raises some interesting points about the similarities between France's socialist street democracy and our own immigration malaise, with one exception: at least in France, they're not waving some foreign country's flag.

[NBC photo.]

To see Americans, or American legal or illegal residents, waving Mexican flags in defense of illegal immigration is ... well, confusing. I assume it's simply a way of saying, "We are proud to be who we are," as a rebuttal to those who have blamed illegal immigration's problems on those of Mexican origin. They are mistaken. We don't reject Mexicans; we hate the double-whammy hypocrisy of the present US immigration situation, and it so happens 99% of the illegals are Mexican and Hispanic.

On the one hand, you have the Americans who are pro-illegals saying, "Go ahead, break the law," and behind them, the government that is allowing it to happen. That's bad enough in ordinary circumstances, but with today's violent anti-Western climate it's all the more criminal. On the other, you have the Hispanics migrating to the US to find work saying, "We want your money, but not your culture or your politics." There's something wrong with both of these attitudes.

The most pertinent passage in the Townhall article, in my view, has to do with the erosion of the Founding Fathers' philosophy of freedom, which is tied to personal responsibility. It also touches upon the intertwining of economics and politics. (I've paraphrased it a bit to make it echo my own thoughts more closely.)

"If all we were dealing with were economics and jobs, we could find grounds for compromise. But under the tutelage of the Left, Hispanics are becoming 'assimilated' to the identity politics, and entitlement mentality that is so beloved by the Democratic Party and so obnoxious to taxpayers.

"I go to a church that is filled with Mexicans. I love them. It is a privilege to worship with them. They are good, devout, family-oriented people. But after a few years of associating with [and receiving favors from] [the Left], they won’t be."

For more insights, read Jennifer Roback Morse's article here.


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