Sunday, May 14, 2006

Energy: Don't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em

Stop bugging the executives of Exxon, et al., and let's get on with the real solution to our energy problem. The military may not always be the icon we want to promote when it comes to the free market, but here is an illustration of how rising prices can inspire technological advancement, and it just happens to involve the military.

[Thanks to for the picture.]

The US Air Force is tired of spending millions more on petroleum-based fuel and is now investigating alternatives derived from coal and natural gas, both of which the US has in abundance. According to this NY Times article found at Drudge, "The US is essentially the Saudia Arabia of coal."

And before the environmentalists get all excited, the market will also find ways to deal with any CO2 problem if there actually is one, although last I heard plants love CO2 and make oxygen from it, so what's the big deal with having more greenery and oxygen? (Almost got my tongue in my cheek...)


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