Friday, May 19, 2006

Environmentalist Economics

Ogden Valley in Utah is one of the more beautiful spots in the USA. Like other recreation areas, the environmentalists have done a laudible job of tending to, mapping and caring for some very pleasant nature walks around the lake, over the green meadows, and up into the snow-capped mountains where three winter ski resorts have transformed themselves into hikers' and bikers' paradise.

Ogden Valley
[Thanks to for the photo.]

I couldn't help but laugh, though, when I spotted instructions about how we could contribute to the environment by pulling out a weed by the roots and laying it down on the path, to be picked up, I suppose, by some greenie's caring hands.

Dyer's Woad
[Thanks to James Parks and for the photo.]

It's called Dyer's Woad, and it's not an unattractive yellow flower as weeds go; but it takes over pastureland too easily, according to State authorities. Grazing animals will not eat it (thankfully, because it's somewhat toxic), and it is difficult to eradicate once established.

Dyer's Woad

I guess the environmentalists' solution, ineffective as it may be as a weed-killer, does succeed in giving them some sort of marginal return, if only as an assuaging balm to their illogical and troubled soul; every little weed we pull ("being sure to get all the root") is one battle won in the war against the more evil elements of nature. However, the more realistic State is resigned to the use of biochemistry to fight the invasion, according to this website.

We'll see who gets there first.


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