Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Oh, So You Mean I'm Not the Only One?

Gold has hit $700, and I don't think the party's over yet. And I'm not alone.

Jim Sinclair of jsmineset.com has been touting gold for years, according to the New York Times -- What?? The NYT is talking gold? Wow.

[Thanks to jsmineset.com and the NY Times for the photo.]

If the New York Times is starting to talk about gold, then I guess that's proof I'm not just making this up. This article describes his ideas along with those of several other gentlemen who might be described as gold bugs. (I am certainly one.) It also mentions the American Institute for Economic Research, the entity founded by my father, Edward C. Harwood, and which started recommending gold-related assets to investors all the way back in 1958.

This reminds me of the 1970's when my Dad was written up several times in various newspaper and magazine articles because of his views on gold. I've hung onto his words ever since, and all of the stats I can unearth confirm every word he said.


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