Monday, August 21, 2006

Don't Think For a Minute That Gold Has Said It's Last Word

Now where was I in my golden rant? Let's see.

Gold Bug
[Gold bug created and photographed by Flickr subscriber rustyrabbit. Thanks to him for his artistic endeavors.]

The following excerpts from an article at a new site called state my position better than I could myself. Here they are:

"The global standard of wealth for over four millennia now gets down to the very serious business of defining support as measured in the world's fiat paper currencies. $614 gold today is equivalent to about $252 in 1980 inflation adjusted dollars. Got gold?"

"Long-Term Outlook: No change. A secular bullish perfect storm trend for precious metals continues. Rapidly escalating global investor demand, easier participation by investors via ETFs, conversion of Middle East petroleum dollars to gold, rising new demand from Asia, possible central bank buying partially offsetting central bank selling, conversion from dollars to gold by large U.S. dollar denominated foreign exchange reserves, declining gold production, increased political and NGO interference to bring new sources on line, rapidly escalating costs to produce, delays and shortages of equipment and manpower, previous two-decade bear-market-induced shortage of intellectual capital for miners, safe-haven buying to hedge strong, reckless, competitive dilution of under-backed fiat paper currencies and continued troubling global political and religious tensions are just some of the factors contributing to the bullish winds now blowing. In real terms gold remains undervalued versus nearly all other commodities and strongly undervalued as measured by the world's fiat paper promises... The Great Gold Bull has a long way to go. It just won't go straight up."

Right on.


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