Friday, August 11, 2006

The Oceans are Cooling (Sic)

Yes, that's what Roger Pielke Sr. points out in his blog of August 10, referring to a paper by J.M. Lyman, J.K. Willis, and G.C. Johnson that will be published at Geophysical Research Letters.

Maybe that's why we haven't had the spike in hurricanes that weather "experts" were predicting.

[Thanks to for the photo.]

So, on the one hand you have Al Gore warning us that we have only ten years left to straighten out this Global Warming mess, and on the other, you have those who claim that we may not know as much as we thought about the whole subject.

Whom do you believe? A hypocrite like Al, who hasn't even signed up for green energy at his three homes? (From another USA Today article -- I swear, USA Today is becoming interesting.) Or do you trust the quieter scientists who express skepticism about the whole hysteria? I will vote for the guy who has nothing to gain. Follow the money, they say. And for "money," you can substitute "power," if you like.

Economists are interested in this Global Warming debate, because it is a perfect example of their newest credo, "Incentives matter." That applies to everyone, including scientists and former politicians.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I trust the quieter scientists
not an unpublished article.

The nations best scientists are members of the US national academies of science. The have issued recent reports on global warming, that review the large amount of science out.

8:45 AM  

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