Monday, November 13, 2006

Democratic Legislators Spell Stronger Unions Spell Bigger Government

The unions must be licking their chops at this point. The political process is now sitting on the table nice and hot, and all they have to do is plunge in. And believe me, they will.

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To wit:

"Before union bosses started shelling out millions of their members' dues this political season, many made their top priority clear to would-be recipients: Pass the misnamed Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA). The bill, which would end secret ballots for employees deciding whether to join a union, is ironic given that the politicians who would make such a law were ushered in by a secret ballot vote. Unfortunately, EFCA is closer than ever to passage with the recent victory by union-beholden politicians."

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And this:

"Government employees are more than four times likelier to be unionized than their private-sector counterparts. Taxpayer-funded jobs are the only sector of the economy where unions have consistently grown for several years. And taxpayers are left with the check, rung up by government employee union officials and the politicians all too eager to appease them."

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I've read statistics that say federal employees are making twice as much as the private sector employees. Other sources say that "the median public employee netted $39,416 in 2005, compared with $32,500 for the typical private-sector employee." [Source:]


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