Saturday, November 25, 2006

Present and Future Uses for Gold

Gold is not only used for jewelry, teeth and coins. (See my previous post for an interesting photo of what they call "grills.") It has many more uses and is the center of some very interesting research, which you can read about at the Mining Journal Online.

[Thanks to for the image.]

As most people know, it is used in catalytic converters and computers, but it is also showing promise as a catalyst in other technologies that may give us a cleaner environment. Other research is progressing on the use of gold to fight cancer.

At the end of their list, don't forget to add gold's capacity to retain its underlying value better than any piece of green paper. That's because (all together now):

You can take gold out of the standard, but you can't take the standard out of gold.


Anonymous billp said...

I read
If These Are Bubbles, Where Is All That Hot-Air Money Coming From?

Lots of things are coming together which make make the future REAL INTERSTING.

We may all need a good sense of humor.


8:56 AM  

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