Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Identity Theft: Time to Do Something About It: My Suggestion

UCLA has been victim of one of the largest hacker schemes ever reported. It is time something were done about the preserving of private information in large data bases. The only real duty of the federal government is to protect us all; the rest is just frosting on the cake -- or rather dross (worthless scum formed on the surface of molten metal, the closest thing my brother could find to an antonym of the cake metaphor.)

[Thanks to infosatellite.com for the image.]

Why can't government officials act when they need to, i.e. be useful instead of spending all their time voting themselves some pork to fatten up their next election numbers?


The federal government should declare it illegal to store social security numbers on any computer for more than the few hours necessary to check credit or number validity. The law should require that after a few hours the numbers be replaced by an internal code system of some kind.

That goes for the three credit agencies and the federal Social Security and other agencies as well, whose data bases are prime targets and probably the subject of much hacker brain-racking "as we speak."

This defensive action may represent a large expense now, but it would save our governments, our economy, the credit card companies, and the credit agencies millions in the longer run, in the form of credit fraud.

Let's get on the stick. What are we waiting for? A national crisis?


Anonymous Get Real said...

“It is time something were done about the preserving of private information in large data bases.”

I disagree. Its would be a waste of time. Instead, they should assume that everyone’s private data is in the public domain and invent a different set of data to identify people. Just knowing someone’s SS# doesn’t mean that you are them! They have got to start using something different.

8:06 PM  

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