Monday, December 25, 2006

An Unabashed Plug for Jacquie Lawson, a Free Market Success Story

This English artist is the best designer of e-cards on the net. She began in 2000, and her little enterprise now seems to occupy at least some of the time of five people, so she must be a business success story. I would like to know more about her; but meantime, I will share one of her free-access works to celebrate this Holiday Season. (She requests $8 a year for unlimited use of the new cards.)

This is the very first card she ever did. Click on this image for a glimpse of her work.

[Thanks to for the image and the link.]

If Jacquie is a financial success, there can be no better example of the free market at work. The internet affords a fabulous opportunity to those entrepreneurs who know how to exploit it, for relatively little start-up money.

Merry Christmas to everyone out there.


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