Friday, February 02, 2007

Hillary: A Free-Market Nightmare

If you really want to scare your pants off, watch this.

[Thanks to for the image. (Byline: "Removing liberal waste from the American bloodstream.")]

Hillary is at her very best, cashing in on our envy, covetousness, and naivete. She wants to take those bastards' record oil profits and create a fund for alternative energy research, in the name of "Energy Independence."

In other words, she wants to become an energy dictator. She wants the Big Brother Government to punish those greedy oil boys and force us all to start burning something other than petroleum products.

What about freeing up our US oil companies to take some "independent" oil out of our own 50 states? I don't think most people realize that today the oil companies can make the Alaskan wilderness into an even better elk heaven than it is now if they put their mind to it; and by golly you can be sure they will, what with the marketing opportunities that will spring out of such an initiative.

And there is already a market for "independently produced" oil. All you have to do is untie the hands of those who know how to dig that black gold up out of the ground right here in our own back yard -- at least until they (who already have the wherewithal unless the government takes it away), can discover the economic and proper way to utilize other energy sources like hydrogen, radioactive material, clean coal or carbohydrate-filled vegetables like corn and sugar.

The problem is that you can't force a string to stand upright unless you give it a backbone. You can't create a viable alternative fuel unless the public prefers to consume the stuff -- or unless you force them to consume the stuff by either taxing oil products to death or subsidizing alternative fuels, as is happening already.

And forcing people to consume an inferior product is counterproductive. Can you imagine a world where the US renounces all use of petroleum and its derivatives? Do you know the number of things that are made from that black goo? See here to get a partial list.

And what do you suppose a world would be like where the US no longer has any of those things and where China, the Arab nations and the Middle East, India, Europe, Russia, Japan, i.e. the rest of the world still did? Come on, you don't really believe China would think twice about taking advantage of the consequent lower prices that would prevail for such a cheap source of energy as our unconsumed "Middle-East-dependent" petroleum, and about making deals with terrorist and/or totalitarian states, do you?

Just something to think about.


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