Monday, March 19, 2007

Bear With Me

Please be patient -- I haven't abandoned the blog or died; I'm just visiting Brazil and will have a few things to say about it when I return. Fascinating place, full of contrasts. The economy is also fascinating and full of contrasts. More soon.

For those who are curious about this blog, may I recommend that you start with the earliest archives to see what it's all about. I try to unite humor and economics, keeping it simple, which is not always easy. It's a consuming, challenging and addictive task.


Anonymous franko said...

Too many want blogs to reflect the ad-driven pace of established media. If the pace reflected more what was happening rather than the need to sell ads, then there would be days without editions of newspapers, and days with multiple editions. Don't sweat it. Better to have quality when you can make it, and silence otherwise.

10:19 AM  

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