Monday, August 15, 2011

Where is Peter Sellers When You Need Him?

Remember "Dr. Strangelove"? Peter Sellers could probably do a smashing take on Paul Krugman, if one is to judge by the latter's performance on a recent CNN interview.


Then again, Krugman does a pretty good job of making a mockery of himself without any help whatsoever.

If I were to tabulate the laughs gifted to me by decades of movie-makers, I would have to list Peter Sellers at the top of the column entitled Best Comedic Actor. "Being There" is my all-time favorite, closely followed by scenes from the original Pink Panther series, and then by some of his earlier films.

I have to put the laughing aside, though, when I realize the damage this "economist" is doing. Where are the serious economic scientists when Krugman goes on these rants? Why isn't the economic community signing petitions to get this guy's Nobel Prize back? Correction; I suppose the Nobel Prize is now so ignominious that this gesture would be a waste of time. But at least they should be publicly denouncing such rubbish from the mouth of one of their kin.

I suppose there's always the possibility they don't take him seriously. But they must realize that CNN and The New York Times are contributing to the death of the Dismal Science as quickly as they can make a folk hero of this guy.

After I had watched the CNN video, just as the disgust within me was about to bust a blood vessel in my brain, I fell upon Buffett's latest "Gauche-Caviar" antics (French for "Caviar-Leftist"). Thank goodness for my brain circulation, even the ever-serious Patrick Buchanan seems to have easily found the perfect repartee to this nonsense, saving me from apoplexy.

Ah, what would we do without a little humor to carry us through the chicanery and comic posturing of the pseudo-wise-men that surround us?

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