Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Michelle Puts Her Bling On

I did watch the Oscars, and I, perhaps like you, was stunned to see that the White House chose to crash the party.  Michelle may have thought that she was "just another pretty face," but I certainly didn't find it appropriate behavior.

So it is with great pleasure that I grant the wish of David J. Theroux of The Independent Institute, by linking to his wife's commentary on the subject.

Michelle Obama At Work

Most of our politicians are the same, whether on the right or the left.  They carefully craft their theater.  The Obamas are no exception.

I hope her husband was curled up in a conference room somewhere with Boehner and others discussing ways to avoid the upcoming "Sequester."  (Not.)

Or maybe he was playing games, like this fellow?

[Thanks to Wikipedia for the image of James Albert Wales's great cartoon, published in Puck's magazine in 1880.]

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