Monday, January 30, 2006

Go McCain, Get That Pork

I told you recently in an earlier post that I'm allergic to pork, and that I'm apparently not the only one. John McCain seems to have his Republican hat on at the "right" angle, because he's really going after the porkers at the moment. See Robert Novak's encouraging piece of news here.

Obviously, McCain is going to be a candidate for 2008. I don't like much of what he believes (Global Warming, for example), and some of his campaigns have backfired (e.g. Campaign Finance Reform) to some degree; but his heart seems to be in the right place, and people like that.

I'd like to know more about his economics, but if he's attacking pork, he can't be all bad. Oh, and write your senators to tell them to vote up on McCain and Coburn's Fiscal Watch Team Offset Package. Here below is a site where you can find your senators' website, go to the contact page, send an e-mail, and put a teeny weeny bit of pressure on your representatives.


We all know that pork represents a relatively minor part of the government budget, but at this point it's a symbolic issue. Remember, at least one-half of American voters are probably with us. That makes about 75,000,000, and 150,000,000 e-mails (we all have two senators) will surely make some difference.

So let's get on this. DO IT NOW!!!


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