Thursday, September 27, 2007

Barclays Desperate for Cash?

I found this e-mail yesterday. It's a first, something I've never seen in my lifetime. A bank is offering to new French customers 10% annual interest on a checking account for three months, and 3% thereafter, with a few conditions (spend 750 euros minimum a month with their credit card, stuff like that).

Here's the actual ad (click on it for a larger version):



From September 10 to October 31 2007, discover our exceptional offer!
Barclays creates an event...

Interest-Bearing Checking Account
at 10%*

10%* interest as of the first euro,
that's so much better!

To find out more on the Interest-Bearing Checking Account
Call 0810.018.810**
Click here

*Checking account interest paid daily up to 30,000 euros at the promotional rate of 10% applicable for 3 months for all new accounts (with bank approval) from September 10 to October 31 2007. Beyond that, annual gross daily interest of 3% up to 10.000 euros, on the condition of 750 euros charges a month to your bank card. Offer reserved to new customers on condition of the opening of a new "forfeit" (?) account with Barclays. Annual rates not including taxes and fees, and subject to change.
**Local call fee.

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