Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's Helicopter Ben... No, It's Helicopter George... Wait... No, It's FHA Secure

Just watched a video over at Bloomberg entitled "Paulson Urges Mortgage Lenders to Help Homeowners" (Sept.12).

If you want to get some goose bumps, take a look at our government in action. Paulson is in the hot seat now. He's feeling the heat, the pressure to "do something." Watch him girding his loins for this subprime challenge.

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The answer, says he, is for government to step in, locate all those poor schnooks who got taken by dishonest mortgage brokers, and save their homes. Honorable enough intentions, as usual.

But remember the proverbial road to hell. I say, good luck separating the innocent wheat from the snookering chaff that will slip into the line at the bail-out window.

And keep in mind who is paying for all of this. Who, you ask? Why, yourself.

If you thought FEMA was bad, what do you suppose the FHA will be like? After all, it's just another government agency, and for those of you who are Democrats, the agencies are still under the Bush administration's control. (For you big-government Republicans, you might want to reflect on this. For you small-government Republicans, you and I know that it doesn't matter who is in control; a big-government agency is a big-government agency, i.e. incompetent.)

Why is it that every time the government screws up the clean-up of one mess, people throw more messes at it? Boggles the mind. Or maybe it's just the government that thinks the people are throwing the messes at them. How paternalistic. I guess they presume that clean-up is part of the big-government job description.

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