Friday, January 09, 2009

We have a Republic, not a Democracy

This little film (click on the link at "little film," not on the picture below) explains very nicely why what we need is less government, more freedom; less democracy, more republic.

[Thanks to for the still image I captured.]

If you've ever searched for a short visual to explain the essence of the US Constitution, this is it. I wish I could find out more about the people who made it. The website is very succinct, to say the least.

We need more of this.

Wait! There is more!

Find out about it on the Moving Picture Institute's website. I'm trying to get Netflix to acquire some of their products. The Institute screens their films in scheduled sessions around the country, and some have been distributed on a grand scale. The movies are excellent.

Film is a fantastic medium for the transmittal of ideas, good or bad; and Big-Government exponents are good at exploiting it. We need to sharpen up our drama skills to take advantage of this medium (and get a sense of humor while we're at it).

Economics used to be called "political economy," and for good reason. You can't have economics without politics, and you can't have politics without economics. They go hand in hand, sometimes to our detriment if we don't watch out.

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