Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Congress, Our Newest Energy Company

I sent an e-mail to Jane Harmon, my Congressperson, wherein I complained about the ridiculous grandstanding vis-a-vis those "nasty profiteers," the oil companies. I guess someone was listening, but it definitely wasn't Jane. Here's some extracts of what she responded, along with some moaning and groaning about the latest decision to approve ANWR drilling.

[Thanks to for the photo.]

"We cannot depend on this 'quick fix' to solve a calamity whose ramifications reach far beyond the gas pump. The Bush Administration claims that tapping this oil reserve will cause prices to fall, but the simple reality is that it will take years before oil from the ANWR actually makes it to a barrel. Even then, there is not enough oil in the ANWR to reduce our dependence on foreign sources.

[... Microeconomics is not Jane's forte. ...]

"Instead, Congress must focus on promoting alternative fuels, clean energy technologies, fuel cells, micro turbines, hybrid (electric) engines and bio-fuels. California and the South Bay are extremely well-positioned to lead in developing these alternatives."

Great. So now Congress is in the very business they want to rob. This should be interesting once the profits start to roll in.