Wednesday, October 19, 2005

On the Road with Sybil

Gosh, I can't believe that more than two months have already gone by. I have so much to say about so many things related to economics. For example:

- The very efficacious effects of terrorism on the British tourist industry;
- Evidence of trickle-down EU hand-out economics in the form of neglected and useless corn fields all over Europe;
- How "Bush" has become the new four-letter-word across the Atlantic;
- How EU handouts in socialist Portugal are business-as-usual for the government's big infrastructure cronies;
- How painfully evident it is that the dollar has gone to hell in a hand basket, as seen most obviously in London and Switzerland where the currencies are -- let us say going to hell a bit more slowly (we paid $12 for 2 expressos in Liechtenstein);
- How Spain is a beautiful example of Third-Way Europe (see my article here.)
- And on, and on, and on.

Meanwhile, because I'm going to be temporarily tied up with some very important stuff of my own, here's a roadmap for any new readers who want to become acquainted with my ideas:

1. For those interested in my web-published work, see articles to the right.
2. For those wanting to read my introduction to economics, see:

What's a Dollar

What's Wealth

A Money Measuring Stick

And others you'll find back in the archives of this blog, near the beginning around March 12, 2005. (See at right, below articles.)

I'll be back sooner than later.